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Bali Village Life & Traditional Farming

Om Swastyastu…… is an authentic greeting of Balinese people once entering the village.

Taman Sri Buwana is a semi social activity which is developed related to sustainable tourism concept. The tourist attraction offered is referring to the potential recourses of the village itself, both natural and human recourses. Through this alternative tourism will do hope elevate both local skill as well as economic scale of the village.

A local people name Ketut… with his wide range experiences in tourism industry especially in hotel business field, stand as volunteer in developing this unusual tourist attraction. Few of the money earn from this activity is allocated to support teaching and learning social activity which is directed to those kids of the village. Every Sunday they are gather in one of family house compound to get introductory lesson about computer, English Chinese Arithmetic as well as positive mentality building.
Your participation, suggestion or other kind of support is very much appreciated.

Village Welcoming
Upon arrival warmth welcome by our team while expressing an authentic villagers smiling.

Teaching & Learning Activities
Get the feeling interaction with the kids in the atmosphere of teaching and learning process upon visiting a local elementary school (subject to school holidays).
Experience to be teacher simply by introducing your home country and language thru a short sing and song.

Daily Balinese Life Activities
Visiting a unique Balinese houses setting where over fifteen family from one ancestor leaving harmoniously in one compound.
Involve with them on their daily life to get a closely feeling, you will be welcomed.

Farming Activities
Walking along with local farmers in a farmer hat and equipment toward the rice field could be something deferent. Further more, involve with them in traditionally rice cultivating process up to planting rice is amazing experience in your life.
While enjoying passing on the rice field line, more variety vegetables could be see.
If by chance meeting other local farmers, may hold a short chat with them.

Tropical Fruit Plantation & Spices
Enrich your knowledge with number of tropical fruits plantation and spices, while a local will demonstrate a climbing coconut.
He will then serve you a young coconut as refreshment.

Boiling or Baking Cassavas
It is a farmer philosophy that to get away from hungry he will take you for cassava taking off then boiling or baking in traditional way.
Do your self then taste it.

After being a farmer for over then four hours, a traditional set menu lunch will be served in a Balinese house compound with their family member.

For more information and booking please contact us.
Br. Beng Utara Desa Tunjuk, Tabanan - Bali
Tel : +62 361 742 5929
Fax: +62 361 722 388
Mobile: +62 81 2391 5655
Website: www.balivillagelife.com
E-mail: info@balivillagelife.com


Village Exploring….
Apart from regular program we also offer a package tour for group of minimum 20 people. Upon arrival, the group is welcomed by the chief village of Desa Pekraman with over fifty villagers while accompanied by women gambelan group music bleganjur.

After village's children handing tropical flower as a sense of welcoming to the group member, then the chief village will lead you to visit a Balinese house compound where over fifteen head family from one ancestor are living harmoniously. Here, you are not only witness the daily life of Balinese family but you can involve with them to get the sense of village contact.

Woman legong dance group being ready to welcoming you in village hall. Several kinds of dances both classic and modern are performed by number of local children cutely. Get involve with them and learn simple gesture from them about Balinese dance. For women alike, please get involve with women music player to know their warm feeling as they can't speak your language.

After enjoying the dance, you will be directed to tropical fruit plantation. Enrich your knowledge about tropical plantation also spices, some grow up in the area. A local will show coconut climb attraction then serve you young coconut drink as refreshment. From this stage a farmer will carry on few old coconut where then all process of making coconut oil in traditional way can be witnessed in the compound.

You may involve with the women and you will feel how hard they work for a drop of oil. At the end of the tour, a Balinese set menu lunch is served at the family house compound by the family member.

Subak Cycling
Subak is originally an organization of farming.
Villager often translate Subak is a spread up rice paddy in a certain area.

Subak cycling is propelling your bike in a few deference rice paddy areas. Forget it about the distance but it's all about fun, meeting local farmer, Balinese land and country side.
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